Who We Are

Introducing the newest project in the metaverse that will allows users to learn and earn on our dApp while earning our crypto, the SOWL Token! Users will complete a series of educational games that result in learning a new skill and earning token rewards for doing so! Created by a doxxed educator with an extensive curriculum background, this project is designed to teach users a variety of skills and educational content. This project has been in the making since the 2020, so we are finally are pleased to be revolutionizing the virtual education world through incentivized game play that allows you to earn SOWL Tokens for learning and having fun in the process!

Burn Cycle

Beginning 24 November, we will be burning 500m - 1.5 billion of our token supply, each week for the next 3-6 months, in light of recent market changes. These burn notices will be published here with the transaction hash to verify the date, time, and amount burned for full transparency for the project and to show we are determined to have an increased value on our token as a dedicated effort to our holders.



Buy Tax


Sell Tax

Total Supply

100 Billion


Token Sales

Private Sale

December 20, 2021

10% Discount

29 BNB Raised

Monday 26 September 2022 at 15:30 UTC

75 BNB Raised

Monday 3 October 2022 at 15:30 UTC

Initial MC = $67k

Token Unlock Schedule


Our Team


Megan Hallett
Founder & CEO


Goat Connector
Chief Marketing Officer


Tiffani Franklin
Lead Graphic Designer


Drama & Pop
Team Members


Moe Ager
Crypto Advisor


Lady Luck
Advisor & Influencer


Our Story

EBSOWLAppFrame1 (1).png

We all know what happened in 2020, so we don't need to explain. But what's important to know is that is where the SOWL Token's story began. Two days after the global shutdown, our founder, Megan Hallett, set out to develop an eLearning mobile application. As a former teacher in the classroom, she knew there was a use case for virtual education resources, and thus, the EarlyBird Mobile App was born. However, it didn't stop there. After acquiring three patents, one trademark, two company registrations, and the SEC Form D registration, she also developed the world of P2E (Play to Earn) cryptocurrency tokens. Though she had been a long-time investor in other projects, it wasn't until this discover that the lightbulb went off in her head. She realized now that her three passions: Education, Mobile Apps, and Cryptocurrency, could now be merged into one massive infrastructure set to take the world by storm, and thus, that is when the SOWL Token was born!

SOWL (soul/sōl) is the blending of the two words: Super Owl. The Super Owl is the mascot and character that would guide users through the EarlyBird App, so it was only fitting that the rebrand of this project paid homage to Saffron, the Super Owl.

SOWL was set to initially launch on Pancakeswap in December of 2021 with the guidance of their prelaunch marketing agency, the Blockchain Pros. However, after the economy and market crashed and our world faced dangerous wars and a continued unforeseeable future, everyone agreed it was best to wait. While it was a long ten months, the SOWL Token went back to the drawing board, continued to build and strengthen the project's future plans, and finally, after raising 75 BNB in a Pinksale Fair Launch, the SOWL Token launch on Pankcakeswap on 3 October 2022 with an initial market cap of $67k and a buy/sell tax of 0%. Yes, you read that right. The odds technically were against us with the state of the market, but the interesting strategy of no tax is one that drove up a large following that we call our Sowldiers (like soldiers) and because of them, we broke the $1 Million market cap exactly 12 hours post launch.


This project has been an absolute dream come true between the connections the team has made, the marketing and development that has taken place now that the buy/sell tax has been implemented, and most importantly- the amazing community it has fostered in the cryptocurrency space. This is only just the beginning for the SOWL Token, as you will see the roadmap has decades of plans in store, and we thank you in advance for learning about our mission and objective in this space: to create the first virtual educational infrastructure that is incentivized by rewarding learning though game play with tokens for all! Stay tuned for what's coming up next, because our journey has only just begun!


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Our Utility

Version 1: EarlyBird Mobile App

Our initial version of the mobile is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is award-winning, as it received the Mom's Choice Award for Best in Family Educational Technology in July of 2021 and received the kidSAFE Seal of Approval, backed by the United States FTC. The app features 12 levels for children to learn through four stages: watch - play - test - earn. At this stage, Version 1 was just targeted towards children and did not have the wallet connectivity for cryptocurrency yet, because at this stage, the idea of creating a utility token was not yet on the team's radar. This app also has premium subscription features for the artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology the company has patents for.

Version 2: SOWL

Introducing the new and improved version of our utility - SOWL! While our company will always remain as EarlyBird Digital, Inc, SOWL will always be a subsidiary of the business. The main differences that are coming with the SOWL gaming features include:

-Gaming for users of all ages

-Various leaderboards and levels of mastery for more token rewards

-Continued levels being released with new and engaging educational content and games

Check out the before and after of our new and improved utility, set to take the cryptocurrency world by storm as it implements the first decentralized virtual education infrastructure that allows users to earn token rewards for doing something truly beneficial such as learning!


kidSAFE Seal back by the U.S. FTC for child-friendly and safe mobile apps


Mom's Choice Award: Gold Level for Best in Family Educational Technology

Learn More:

Intellectual Property

(Patents, Trademarks, SEC Registration)



Q4 2021

-Website Relaunch

-Smart Contract Redeployed

-Press Releases Published

-Host First AMA

-Private Sale 1 - Dec. 20, 2021

Q1 2022

-Additional Token Security Audits

-Increase Development Team

-Begin P2E Web3 Browser Game Development

-Host Additional AMA's

-New Game Level Designs and Development

Q2 2022

-Continued Design and Game Development

-Onboarding New Developer

-Revisiting SC and HC Goals Given Market Conditions

Q4 2022

-Launch on Pancakeswap

-P2E Web Browser Game Development

-Expand game levels to all ages

-Post-Launch AMA Tour

-Onboard new Chief Marketing Officer

Q2 2023

Q3 2022

-Web Browser Game Development & Troubleshooting

-P2E Mobile App Testing

-Strategizing Marketing Objectives

-Additional AMAs

-SOWL Pinksale Fair Launch

Q1 2023

-Token Rewards Launched in v2

-Educational AMAs for the P2E v2 Mobile App

-Acquire Listings on Exchanges

-Add new levels to the P2E Utility

-Begin implementing Staking features with token rewards

-Begin NFT Gallery Development


Reviews and In The News

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